Saturday, 14 February 2015

Researchers out there - Aeon Timeline & Scrivener

Perhaps the major challenge with research is finding a way to bring the results into a cohesive whole and present them in a manner that makes sense of it all. I worked for a while with an online timeline and enjoyed the experience, but it felt remote somehow, outside my control.

Aeon Timeline by Scribblecode has been our go-to system for a while now, we have thrown anything with a date related to it into it and the result has been revealing. Context and relationships jump off the screen. 

This isn't a product advert nor a detailed offering on how to use the software as a research tool, but what stands out to anyone wishing to visualise information is the sheer versatility of Aeon. We display event lines on separate arcs for people, squadrons, battles etc. Where detail within letters becomes sparse due to the writers sensitivity to fatigue or the Sensor's ink, a glance across other arcs events often provides torchlight into the darker corners.

To cap it all, Aeon comes in both Mac and Windows flavours complete with trial downloads. This makes it a gift from the heavens for those who collaborate across platforms. Aeon Timeline also integrates with Literature & Latte's Scrivener, another writer's gem with similar characteristics.

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